Making It Stick – Craft Adhesives

Once your items are added, write notes next to them about where you found them, what inspires you about them, or every unique way you can think of to create a craft out of them.

Take turns assigning a photographer to catch the crafting action. Get a photo of each guest and their completed project as well as a group picture. Email to participants.

Another craft project that is good for age 3 and up. Children at this age will need extra help gathering materials. They will need nature objects, card stock, crayons and glue. Objects found in nature could be leaves and flowers and small twigs.

The materials needed to make homework bulletin board are paper, whiteboard or corkboard combination, thumbtacks, school-themed stickers, whiteboard marker and reward stickers.

First, trace the wavy ruler twelve times onto the red paper. Then cut them all. Second, run each piece on the paper crimper. After that, affix the strips with adhesive around the border of both pages.

Then there are the juried craft shows where you send in a picture and description of your craft and it is judged before it is accepted. These shows are very specific as to what will be accepted.

Knots – Some knots can add to the overall look of a finished woodworking project, but many knots will compromise the integrity of the wood. Depending on the lengths of the cuts you need to make, a knot can make large sections unusable. Why pay for parts you can’t use?

Here is one of my favorite craft projects. It is a Crown Sand Art kit. You get 24 crown templates. There are 6 different designs and you get four of each one. You also get packages of sand. The tops of the crowns are adhesive or you get some glue…then you color in each of the crowns using packs of colored sand. These are so much fun to make and look great when you are done. You also get lots so the fun can go on and on.

Baking your own shortbread cookies. Of course the fun doesn’t stop with the baking. You then need to decorate them with colorful icing and sprinkles (the little ones love to help add the sprinkles). Once they’ve been baked and decorated, string them on fishing line and use them as decorations. You can use a knife in order to shape the cookies are opt for cookie cutters in wonderful shapes and designs for Christmas baking delight.

Decorative paperweights – another way to decorate with glass bricks is to turn a small one into a decorative paperweight. Add your favorite embellishments or paint the block to match your office decor. The weight of your creation is perfect for keeping papers in place.